Focus on sustainability and carbon reduction underpins platform markets group events programme for 2023

London /Marrakech/ Antibes – 5 January 2023 – Platform Markets Group (PMG) has announced two events so far in its programme for 2023: the inaugural Platform Africa and the 2nd Platform Global a completely new annual transactional marketplace for investors, operators and companies engaged in datacenter, digital connectivity and infrastructure and sustainable energy.

Recognizing the absolute importance of global aims for carbon reduction, the company has also announced it aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its events achieved through careful planning with partners, choice of location and where possible to offset carbon generated by the events by calculating the unavoidable carbon emissions and purchasing carbon credits through ICROA (International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance) accredited schemes.

“We will also be encouraging attendees to buy carbon offsets for their travel to and from the events,” commented Gregory Gerot, managing director of PMG, “and also to use public transport during the event. Fortunately the event venue in Marrakech is very central, and in Antibes we have more than 1000 hotel rooms within a short walking distance from the event venue.”

“Our events look closely at sustainability and how our customers in data center and digital infrastructure businesses are using innovation and technology to reduce carbon emissions, so we felt it more than appropriate to begin our own programmes to support the international goals of COP and produce events in an environmentally sustainable manner”, commented Nicola Hayes, non- executive director of PMG.

Significant expansion across the datacenter sector has placed pressure on energy usage and global decarbonisation initiatives however investment prospects to pursue environmental sustainability remain buoyant and the event aims to galvanize these opportunities.

PMG has been established by an experienced team well known for delivering high end events, content rich programmes, pre-eminent networking and quality production in the technology and finance sectors. The company focuses on enabling opportunities for transactions between investors, buyers and sellers across planet-scale digital infrastructure fabric.